Pictured at launch of CONSENSUS final report at NUI, Galway on May 21st 2015: Professor Henrike Rau, Professor Anna Davies and Dr Frances Fahy.

CONSENSUS published its final research report entitled ‘CONSENSUS: Consumption, Environment and Sustainability’.

Involving researchers from both Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG), the CONSENSUS research project has advanced understanding of the drivers that shape everyday household consumption practices, while also identifying a range of regulatory, technological and lifestyle interventions that could facilitate more sustainable living in the future. This report outlines the insights gained from foundational and exploratory CONSENSUS research in relation to household consumption. The report details international good practice and tools for governing that may enable consumption to become more sustainable. Novel methods and approaches are outlined, which support more collaborative and co-produced transdisciplinary action for addressing the complex dimensions of transforming consumption.

The report was officially launched by Dr Jonathon Derham (Environmental Protection Agency Programme Manager) at the CONSENSUS international conference on Sustainable Consumption Transformations: Implementation and Impacts, which took place at the National University of Ireland, Galway on Thursday May 21st 2015.

In response to the launch of the final CONSENSUS research report, Mr Kevin Woods of the Irish EPA said: ‘This research marks a significant and important step in moving towards sustainability in the key areas of water, energy, transport and consumer behaviour. This report has an important role to play in influencing policy as a greater understanding of why many people consume unsustainably is an essential prerequisite for building appropriately formed and coordinated policy to enable more sustainable consumption. Such understanding needs to be developed across different spaces of consumption and spheres of governance, recognising that consumption is influenced by many factors including but also beyond individual attitudes and values’.

Please Click here for copy of CONSENSUS Final Report.


Pictured at launch of the CONSENSUS Report at NUI, Galway (left-to-right): Dr Mary Jo Lavelle (NUI, Galway), Dr Ruth Doyle (CONSENSUS), Mr Richard Manton (NUI, Galway), Mr Kevin Woods (EPA), Professor Henrike Rau (Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich), Professor Anna Davies (TCD), Dr Frances Fahy (NUI, Galway), Dr Laura Devaney (Teagasc) and Dr Jonathan Derham (EPA).

Dr Jonathan Derham (EPA)

Dr Jonathan Derham (EPA) officially launched the latest CONSENSUS report at NUI, Galway.



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