CONSENSUS ‘WaterWise’ exhibit at the Science Gallery

As a spin-off from our water research, we created the ‘WaterWise’ exhibit for the Science Gallery’s Surface Tension exhibition in 2011. Drawing on emerging and envisioned societal and technological trends, WaterWise encourages critical reflection on our washing routines and how we approach sustainability problems. Nearly 40% of the water we use goes towards our personal washing (showering, bathing and washing our teeth). WaterWise invites us to step into the year 2050 and imagine more sustainable washing routines through the use of advanced technologies and water systems supported by alternative cultural norms and water regulations. Three future scenarios are presented, developed through our backcasting research. Depicted by Dublin-based illustrator Chris Judge, the scenarios use bold and playful illustrations, referencing graphic novel and instructional manual styles. Visitors are asked to rate the elements in each scenario which appeal to them. In this way the exhibit contributes to the iterative nature of the scenario design process, helping to shape policy recommendations for sustainable water consumption. Our exhibit is continuing to travel globally and has  been displayed in the New York EyeBeam Art + Technology Center and The Museum in Kitchener, Ontario. The exhibition has been covered in international media including the journal Nature.

  • Aqua Adapt
    Aqua Adapt
  • Water Control scenario
    Water Control scenario
  • De-waterise scenario
    De-waterise scenario
  • WaterWise exhibit
    WaterWise exhibit
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    Public feedback