CONSENSUS II Briefing Note series

CONSENSUS II Briefing Note series

The findings and recommendations of the three CONSENSUS II work-packages have been compiled as a briefing note series for policy makers, researchers and the general public.

Briefing Note No. 1 – Change Labs: Sites of Experimentation for Sustainable Living

This Briefing Note provides an overview for government, corporate and civil society actors interested in learning about experimental approaches to designing solutions for sustainable living – a collection of activities we term ‘Change Labs’.

Briefing Note No. 2 – Temporal Dimensions of Environmental Behavior

This Briefing Note specifically argues for a disaggregation of proenvironmental behaviour into habitual and occasional behaviour. The former captures routine everyday activities such as regularly buying organic food or habitually conserving water. The latter describes occasional activities such as installing insulation and purchasing energy-efficient household appliances.

Briefing Note No. 3 – Mobility Biographies: A Study of Life Events and Mobility Milestones

This Briefing Note focuses on people’s views and actions regarding transport and mobility and their transformation over the life course, with a view to identifying opportunities for curbing car-centric commuting and the ‘unsustainable consumption of distance’.


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