CONSENSUS exhibit ‘Washlab’ opens as part of Home/Sick Exhibition at Science Gallery in Dublin (May 1st-July 19th 2015).

Visitors to the Science Gallery’s exhibition Home/Sick have an opportunity to be part CONSENSUS research by revealing, anonymously, their showering habits.

Prof Anna Davies, who is a curator of Home/Sick and the principal investigator of CONSENSUS, states that the aim of this research is to study how we consume resources as we live our lives, and how we can change to consume in a more sustainable way.

Through our exhibit WashLab, people will be encouraged to step into a shower unit – without water, of course – and use touchscreens to describe how they like to shower. They will then learn how they can save water by making small changes.

Some prefer a “wake-up” shower, typically short but often repeated at other times of the day. Busy mothers often prefer an “escape shower”, which may last longer but only occurs infrequently.

The 16- to 25-year-old contingent choose the “intensive grooming” shower, which includes extras such as shaving or face packs. Then there is the “therapeutic” shower to ease pain.

Whatever your preference, WashLab will suggest how to save water and will collect anonymous data for HomeLab.

HomeLab, which is part of Consensus, looks at consumption patterns in the home. “One area we are looking at is water use and personal washing: the single largest end use of water in the home,” says Prof Davies. HomeLab found that people could reduce their water consumption by an average of 47 per cent by changing how they showered.

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